SimpleBackdrops; A simple solution for a wonderful hobby.

Welcome! As a Collector of 1:12 scale figures and a fan of toy photography, I always loved how those handcrafted foam dioramas looked, however they were way out of my budget which would make them hard for me to buy.
As a solution for myself, I decided to come up with a simple way to make my own, so I grabbed my IPad Pro and my computer, and I started designing my own; my previous business was printing, so having the equipment in hand I decided to print my designs and assemble my own dioramas.

As simple as they were, people started to show interest in them as they were a lot more affordable and easy to manage. And this is how SimpleBackdrops started, with a simple solution, for a wonderful hobby.

Every purchase you make is highly appreciated and helps fund future projects; so thank you, and I truly hope you love this simple Ideas as much as I do.